A Snap Shot Of A Day At The Life Skills Academy

Here is a snap shot of a day at the Life Skills Academy. Our aim is to provide real value to both our parents and campers.


For the 2nd session in Cookery, our campers prepared;

  • Pathia
  • Apple Frangipane and;
  • Homemade Pizza.

Over the course of the week, our Cookery team exposed the Campers to new flavors and foods that they may have been reluctant to taste in the past.

Survival Skills

Del and his team explored;

  • Harnessed tree climbing.
  • Building Bivouacs.
  • Using an emergency survival shelter
  • How to tie a hammock and then rest in it!
  • Making Bottle Rockets and
  • Completing an Assault Course

The philosophy behind Survival Skills is to foster a love for the outdoors whilst exploring the different possibilities available to us when we understand our surroundings.

Self Defence

In phase 2 of Self-Defence, Marcus and his team:

  • Undertook grappling with resistance to give campers a feel for how to use techniques under pressure.
  • Strengthened Campers knowledge on Takedowns and Pinning.

There has been a general and marked improvement with campers ability to withstand pressure as individuals began to make "the uncomfortable comfortable" during their grappling efforts.

Sports Development

Sports Development continued to concentrate on building an awareness of the skills necessary to be a part of a team and taking responsibility for outcomes through different physical activities.

In the 2nd half of the week Scott and his team explored:

Co-operating as a unit. (Matrix Challenge)

Team hand-eye coordination challenges.

Dynamic movement games.

During the week Scott covered a wide range of skills and drills designed to give a greater understanding of teamwork, improve physical coordination whilst also giving campers the opportunity to experience success and failure in physical activity in a supportive and caring environment.

First Aid

In the 2nd part of the week Dave progressed the first aid module by exploring;

  • The do's and don't surrounding wounds and bleeds.
  • How and when to use bandages and plasters.
  • Concussion; what it is and how to spot it.
  • Recovery position- how, why and when it should be used and when not to use it.
  • The ethics and morals of first aid.
  • Roleplay utilizing CPR and bandaging techniques.

It was remarkable to see the interest levels for this module and the discussions and questions which came from it.

Tech Skills

Coding skills has expanded into Tech Skills. The rationale for this evolution is to provide campers with a more hands-on, practical, broader and more engaging experience for what technology might have to offer.

  • Here is a taster of what campers can expect during Tech Skills this Easter:
  • Robots- building robots and then using them to accomplish teams tasks.
  • Building games- construction of battery-powered supercars.
  • Coding- MineCraft coding and 3D game development.

If you have any questions about how do things during the week please call us on the below details.

Life Skills Academy

085 159 3554
gavin@lsa.ie / stephen@lsa.ie

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