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with our expert Spain Hughes-Fagan
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Spain believes that making classes fun and giving campers a sense of achievement is of fundamental importance when introducing children to a new experience. 

She believes that teaching code to children should be quite different from teaching code to adults and she spends a large amount of her time developing curriculum for classes, with an emphasis on fun, that kids find exciting and rewarding.

Our Tech Skills Expert

Spain Hughes-Fagan


• Campers will experience the basic concepts involved with computer programming using the latest methodologies and technology to make it accessible for all.

• Campers will learn the basics of electronics , simple circuitry, and electromagnetism using fun and engaging mini projects.

• Building software and engineering projects will not only be fun,  but will also give children a strong sense of accomplishment. We hope also that the experience will give children a sense of self-efficacy.  This self-belief can spell over into all aspects of their life.

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