I have a 9 year son who has declared this "the best camp ever" and trust me he has gone to a lot of camps over the last few years! Well done for putting together such engaging activities! When I told him there will be a summer camp I got a big YAY!

Pendo Chambakare

My 10 year old son loved the camp! He was so inspired by the camp he cooked us dinner at home after camp from scratch. He loved all elements of the camp. Would definitely recommend it. Will Defo do it again. Thanks.

Melissa Wyse

It was amazing, affirming and energizing. My kids have been so many camps but this one was the best. They had a fantastic time. They were full of positive energy. Life changing!!!

My son (ASD) was giving me massive smile coming from camp. This is the first time after the camp that they cooked for me lunch with such enthusiasm after learning how to to cook meet balls. The staff put together a program that exceeded my expectations. It was worth every penny. Do it !!!

Renata Gilbert

This is one camp parents and children can agree on. My son throughly enjoyed every day and every session. He came home daily excited to tell us what he learned and experienced at camp. For me, I loved that it was structured in a way that the children had to set daily goals and that the variety of activities let children shine in one area and challenged them in another. We will definitely be returning to this camp this summer.

Maya Apana

Amazing camp for older kids, offering a well balanced mixture of activity. It provides children with life skills, friends, the ability to try new things and explore around. 

"I wish it would last forever" David, age 12
"The teachers are amazing" Maria, age 9

Anastasia Melnicova

Thank you so much for having Harry on your Easter camp, he had a fabulous time he is a very quiet young man and knowing Stephen since he was a young man myself I knew Harry would be in good hands everyone was very kind and upstanding .he was delighted to win camper on the last day and is looking forward to summer. Many thanks again to all the leaders.

Tracy & Harry Horan

My 9 yr old daughter declared "it was the most fun I ever had". She loved every minute at the recent Easter camp, thanks to all the organisers.

Ingrid O'Sullivan