Cooking Skills

with our expert Fiona Stevens
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It is important to equip children with the skills to eat well for the rest of their lives – teaching them to cook, exposing them to a wide range of different foods and cuisines, giving them a basic understanding of nutrition and above all encouraging them to enjoy food.

Most importantly the ability to take responsibility for what you put into your body is a fundamental aspect of developing self-reliance and self-belief.

Our Cooking Expert

Fiona Stevens

Our desired outcomes for your child

• Children become comfortable navigating around a kitchen. (not just knowing where the cupboard is!)

• Children become familiar with the process of turning ingredients and a recipe into something they enjoy.

• Children will be encouraged to try things they previously might have thought they didn’t like. Maybe they will be right and maybe they will surprise themselves.

What Your Child Will Experience

Fiona carefully selects each recipe for each session based on the needs and ability of the class. Children will experience cooking a wide range of simple, healthy and tasty dishes as well as a couple of desserts that they can share with you at home.